My current lectures and thesis topics I can supervise (in German) and previous teaching activities.

In my “Mixed Reality” lecture, students learn to navigate the convergence of physical and digital reality through computer-generated content on immersive technologies ranging from augmented to virtual reality. In the lecture, we explore fundamental concepts, applications, hardware solutions, and software frameworks in the context of Mixed Reality. For the practical part of the lecture, students develop their own Mixed Reality applications through the usage of C# and the Unity Engine.

In “Game Design and Programming”, students learn core principles of game design and how to apply them. In the practical part, they acquire the C# programming skills required to translate game ideas into playable 3D environments through the usage of the Unity Engine. The lecture covers topics like the basics of computer graphics and geometry, the psychological perspectives on play, player motivation, gamification, narrative design, and economical insights into the game industry.


I can supervise theses in the areas of Mixed Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, Usability/UX, and Gamification

Archived teaching activities from before joining the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein